Best Heating & Cooling Contractors Servicing Central Ohio

We have round up some of the Columbus Ohio area’s finest HVAC companies that service in or around the area you live in. Most of the heating and air conditioning contractors service the entire Columbus area. Each has its own specific stomping ground through so that nobody is stepping on one another’s toes on our webpage. Visit our blog for other information while your’re here!

HVAC Services

Most heating and cooling contractors provide similar services and product. Where they are set apart is the customer service they provide and the ability to go above and beyond when needed. Some of the basic services provided by our recommended HVAC repair companies are as follows:

Furnace Repair

furnace repair coc

None of the services will need much of an explanation but furnace repair services are offered for when your unit breaks down. Instead of having a new unit put in every time, the list of certified furnace technicians we provide you with in a few will be able to properly diagnose your system and potentially fix your furnace in the cooler months.

Furnace Installation

furnace install coc

Furnaces are meant and built to last years. Sometimes this is the case and others not so much. Just like every other piece of manufactured piece of equipment nobody really know the life of the unit. In the case yours did last, congratulations! If it didn’t, well one of these guys will be here for you, guide you through the purchasing process and choosing the correct unit for your home.

Air Conditioning Repair

air conditioning repair coc

Ohio can be really bizarre when it comes to weather. One undeniable fact though, is that it gets HOT here. Having an air conditioning unit that is fully functional in the summer season is a necessity. If you find yourself coming home to a house that feels like your living room is in hell, call one of these guys to assess the situation of your unit and get you to the temperature you prefer to be…. Cool.

Air Conditioning Installation

air conditioning install coc

AC techs aren’t miracle workers no matter how much we beg they will be when our unit decided to stop working. Although most of the time they can find and fix the issues with your ac unit, sometimes we just have to put them down (the ac unit that is). Just like the furnace’s, air conditioners have an expected life cycle and will eventually bite the dust.

Who services my HVAC system?

If you take a look at our locations served page, you will see that pretty much all of Columbus and central Ohio is covered for service. All of the contractors we recommend will service anywhere in Columbus but each have a specific market that they will be dominantly working in or around.

Recommended HVAC Contractors

Here is a list of different local heating and cooling companies that we have found to provide excellent services. Remember, most of these contractors cover some or all of the central Ohio area but we will list where they are based out of.

Stringtown Heating & Cooling 
Phone: 614-429-1920
Webpage: https://www.grovecityhvac.com
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/VjihR7TbGRn

Stringtown is based in Columbus but mainly services Grove City Ohio and surrounding areas.

Olentangy Heating & Cooling
Phone: 614-826-6466
Webpage: https://www.westervilleheatcool.com
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/GxDA9LS1p1Q2

Olentangy is based in Westerville Ohio and services all nearby communities.

The Pataskala Heating & Air Company
Phone: 740-908-4281
Web: https://www.pataskalaheatingandair.com
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/qBGcu1ECM1M2

The Pataskala Heating & Air Company operates out of Pataskala Ohio and provides quality HVAC services to all cities in the area.